Bhargava And Pavan Sadnener

In recent times the Telugu Web Series has become a hot favorite among Indian youth, who cannot seem to get enough of Television. The Telugu Web Series has been going on for the past 14 years and is set to end this season as well. The main character Tamilina Naidu plays the lead role in every episode. She has garnered immense popularity not only amongst the people of Tamil Nadu but all over India.

The basic concept behind the Telugu Web Series is that it is a fictional show depicting a fictional character interacting with the people of the fictional state of Telugu. As far as the plot is concerned, the story of the show is set in ancient India where the characters reside. In the beginning the storyboard is prepared by the director passes it on to the producer for further expressions. The producer uses the expressions to depict the characters. The entire production is then shot in the studios of the production house in Tamil Nadu.

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The storyboard of the Telugu web series revolves around a family called the Naidus. The Naidus is from a prominent family in the society of Tamil Nadu. The story begins with the son of the Naidus married a Chinese woman and has got his wife Huang Qi. The story then goes on to tell how the Naidus have to leave their home to go to Singapore and live there after their wife dies.

Most of the Telugu Web Series casts are known to Hindi films industry. The most popular among them are the Kavlem, an average looking boy who stands in for the main character, Naidu and his best friend, an energetic girl called Nunu who stands in for the younger sister of the Naidus. Apart from these main characters, there are other minor characters whom we come across throughout the series. Some of the minor characters include the Naidus‘ sister, who is played by Ritu Kumar and a Chinese named Mrs. Yang. They are minor characters but play significant roles in the Telugu web series.

Another character that plays a significant role in the series is the young girl called Avakai. She is the cousin of the Naidus and is described as one of the smartest girls in the whole school. A major theme in the series is arranged marriage. Avakai’s father is in a stable position, but he is forced to arrange a marriage for his teenage daughter. But this does not go well with Avakai who does not agree to it.

The music that is played during the Telugu web series is called ‚Nyayam‘. The music that is played throughout the first and second seasons is ‚Shyam‘. The story is told from two different points of view. In the first episode, we see that the story of Avakai and Naidu is told from the point of view of Naidu who is a girl from a humble background while in the second episode, we see that the story is told from the point of view of the girl who is married to an affluent man. So in both the episodes, we get to see two different points of views about how marriages are arranged.

Naidu and Avakai are pitted against each other in their own house, where they plan to get their respective partners. The two connive between themselves and come up with different tactics that they use in order to lure their partners. The first season ended with both Avakai and Naidu falling in love with one another. The second season has started where the characters are now beginning to realize that they might be falling in love. There are some twists in the story and the actors have added new faces in the series like Manoj Krishna and Sushmita Sen.

The story of Bhargav Macharla and Pavan Sadneni is based on how these characters saved each other when they were at the brink of a life together. They decided to get married so that they can be together and enjoy their lives to the fullest. The relationship between Naidu and Avakai was very delicate at that time and that was what helped them bond over their love for each other. The story of Telugu web series Bhargav macharla and pavan sadness will continue to entertain people until more seasons are to be introduced in this fantasy series about love and marriage.