Bitcoin used as a protest in Hong Kong

Bitcoin is a symbol of protest and in China it is talked about even in the most revolutionary newspapers, such as Apple Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper.

But let’s go with order.

A few days ago, in Hong Kong, one of the most prominent supporters of the Democratic Party, and the world of free information, Jimmy Lai, was arrested at the age of 72, accused of being in collusion with a foreign country.

Certainly his various protests and the fact of being in conflict with the central government in Beijing have not made life easy for him during these years.

Lai in 1995 founded the free newspaper Apple Daily, becoming over time the second newspaper in the country.

Bitcoin on the front page in Hong Kong

Currently, Apple Daily is the only independent newspaper in Hong Kong, and it is on the front page of this newspaper that an advertisement dedicated only to Bitcoin has been published:

„Banks, today you’re not ditching me, I’m ditching you. Bitcoin will never ditch you.“

(„Banks, today you’re not ditching me, I’m ditching you. Bitcoin will never ditch us“).

We are talking about a real advertisement in the foreground in the newspaper, which also briefly explains some features of the asset:

„Bitcoin is digital money. It is not issued or controlled by any government or corporation. No one can prevent it from making transactions on the network and it cannot be deactivated. Bitcoin is available to anyone, whatever their nationality, gender or ideals, Bitcoin was born with the Genesis Block during the financial crisis of 2009. Now its time is coming“.

Donald Trump supports Lai

Interestingly, US President Donald Trump supports his ally and says he is a brave man:

Crypto in China
Anyway, in China cryptos like Bitcoin Future are considered as virtual commodities and therefore compared to shares, especially those of the various ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) and follow a quite strict legislation that makes their work difficult, even judging the few ATM cryptos in the country.