Cosmetic Dentists And Periodontal Services – What Do They Offer?

Coastal Jaw Surgery has grown immensely in popularity. This popular surgery has become a favored choice among thousands of men and women suffering from various facial conditions. In recent years, it has also been used to correct birth defects, correcting jaw abnormalities, and cosmetic purposes. The success rate for this surgery has been consistently high.

Coastal Jaw Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: „Crest Specialties is pleasing to be able to offer a full range of surgical services encompassing both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the United States. Our surgeons at Coastal Jaw Surgery Center, located in Tampa Bay Florida, have performed a full spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures including oral and maxillofacial surgery, cleft repair, rhinoplasty, nose surgery, chin surgery, and much more. “ Other specialty areas include breast augmentation, facelifts, facelift revisions, contouring, jaw surgery, hysterectomy/decortications, hand surgery, hip surgery, head surgery, plastic surgery, neck surgery, scars, and liposuction to name a few.

Reconstructive Surgery: „The Smile Made Easy“ series is a line of plastic surgery procedures targeting the patient’s overall bite. Dr. Michael A. Pikos, one of the leaders of the bite center team at the Smile Made Easy Program, has developed a comprehensive and innovative method of correcting teeth grinding, a condition that significantly impairs a patient’s facial features. „There are many disorders that can cause teeth grinding such as misaligned mandible teeth, stress fractures, tumors, and traumas to name just a few,“ says Dr. Pikos. „To date, the Smile Made Easy program has been successfully used by more than one hundred thousand patients worldwide.“ He and his team have perfected the software that is used during the procedure and continue to make improvements to the program on a daily basis.

Implant Dentistry: This consists of a series of surgical steps that include the replacement of a lost tooth with a prosthetic or a graft from elsewhere in the mouth. A thorough examination of the jaw bone, or the maxillary sinuses, is conducted to determine the best graft to use and to place it in the area of the lost tooth. The sinuses are then filled with a graft from elsewhere in the mouth. This procedure is known as maxillary dentoregulation. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Oral Surgery Services: Oral surgery services may include periodontal (gum) surgery, orthodontic (tooth extraction, jaw joint correction) surgery, and maxillofacial surgery (craniofacial surgery). In addition to the aforementioned dental procedures, oral surgery services may also include surgical tooth extraction, which is the process of removing a tooth from its location where it is damaged. This service is also known as periodontal surgery. Craniofacial surgery refers to facial surgery and other forms of noninvasive procedures that involve the bones of the face. It is another type of oral surgery services.

There are several oral surgeons who perform all varieties of these services along with other cosmetic procedures in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s home. Most Coastal Jaw Surgery patients are satisfied with the final results and are eager to talk about their experiences. Some of them go on to use the same doctor for other areas of their teeth removal or other cosmetic surgeries.

Full Scope: When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, most dentists will only perform limited procedures. Some will not do any oral surgery at all or perform limited surgical procedures. However, when a patient consults a full scope of oral surgeons and other dentists who perform full scope of surgery, they are happy with the results. Many patients come to the Coastal Jaw Surgery Center wanting to have all of their teeth removed and some want to have all of their teeth replaced.

All patients who undergo full scope of periodontal services from a dentist or oral surgeon are very happy with the outcome. They are able to maintain healthy and great looking smiles. For this reason, many patients choose to have full scope of periodontal services performed by the best periodontal surgeons and dental implants dentists in their area. In addition to providing cosmetic dentistry, they provide all types of general dentistry services. Therefore, when a patient comes to them for any type of problems, they can help them find the right solution. Cosmetic dentists and periodontal services that the Coastal Jaw Surgery Center offers are perfect for patients who want to have their teeth removed and replaced, but they don’t want to undergo any type of oral surgery.